Basic Paragliding Course


Basic Paragliding Course

This is a complete training for becoming a paraglider pilot and it takes between 4-6 consecutive days. During the training, the following topics will be taught and discussed in between practical sessions on the field or at the launch area :-

  • Equipment introduction
  • 4 Laws of Aerodynamics
  • Basic Meteorology
  • Ground Handling
  • Launching & Landing
  • Simulated parachute deployment

At the end of this training, you will be able to perform basic launching and landing maneuvers from a training hill safely. All of your flights will be under the supervision of an instructor.

The journey to become a fully independent paraglider pilot is still a long way to go with more courses to be attended and more practice flights to be performed but by successfully completing this course, you will be capable of performing basic flights and considered a beginner paraglider pilot.

If you have already attended the Discover Paragliding Course, then you will only need to pay the remaining offset amount from the payments that are already made. This helps to lighten your financial investments in the process of becoming a paragliding pilot. To qualify for this payment deduction, please key-in the Coupon Code provided by your instructor during Payment Checkout.

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