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Learn to fly and be a pilot

Paragliding is an exciting and adventurous way to experience the thrill of flight. If you’re looking for a unique and thrilling experience, consider learning to paraglide.

So don’t wait any longer – come and join us for an unforgettable paragliding adventure!

Frquently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On average, the Basic Paragliding Course will take between 4-5 days on a good windy days and good weather. It also depends on your commitment to attend all training days and keep practising.

Learning to paraglide is quite similar to learning how to ride bicycles, it’s easy to learn but takes a lot of practice to master.

Our training location has a consistent wind condition throughout the year, therefore it is easy to fly almost every day at Besut Paragliding Park. This will help in your practice flights to become self-sufficient and starts flying independently without supervision from your instructor.

Just like any other outdoor sports, paragliding is inherently risky.

However, we are very strict on safety and makes sure that during training all students will follow the safety guidelines, even after they have graduated we have an operating S.O.P. for all visiting pilots at our site to ensure that all flights are safely conducted.

When all safety guidelines are followed properly, paragliding is very safe, fun and an enjoyable recreational activity.

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