Pilot Certification Course


Pilot Certification Course

This course is a complete training package and our recommended option. It consists all three (3) stages of learning. It will take longer duration to complete because you are required to complete a minimum of 40 solo flights and passes the online and practical exams.

During this training you will learn further on the in-flight maneuvers, in-depth knowledge in paragliding fundamentals and clocking more flying hours while under supervision of an instructor.

Throughout this course, the instructor will coach you on the following subjects :-

  • Flight Mechanics
  • Reverse Launching Technique
  • Extended In-flight Maneuvers
  • Basics of Thermaling
  • Rapid Descend Maneuvers
  • Accelerated Flights
  • Variable Wind Launching & Landing
  • Online & Offline Examinations

At the end of this training and upon passing all the examinations, you will be issued with a Pilot Identification Card a.k.a. Pilot License and able to perform paragliding flights without the supervision of an instructor.

If you have already attended the Discover Paragliding Course or Basic Paragliding Course, then you will only need to pay the remaining offset amount from the payments that are already made. This helps to lighten your financial investments in the process of becoming a paragliding pilot. To qualify for this payment deduction, please key-in the Coupon Code provided by your instructor during Payment Checkout.

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