Discover Paragliding


Discover Paragliding Course

During this phase, you will learn to control the glider while on the ground in the process we call Ground Handling.

  • For a 1-Day course, you will have the whole day to practice controlling the glider,
  • if you take the 2-Days course, we will take you for a tandem flight on the 2nd day to enjoy the flight as passenger,
  • and if you take the 3-Days course, on the 3rd day we will take you on tandem flight and let you control the glider – you are the pilot while our instructor fly together with you.

This course is designed to expose you to the process of learning to become a paraglider pilot. Once you have completed this course, then it will become clear whether you would like to pursue further and take the full Basic Paragliding Course and become a solo pilot.

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